Yamato Japanese Battleship (Standard Range) – GN

Reference Number:

BT0003P-120 - GN

This Vessel Type is Modern military


About the Vessel

Yamato Battleship was a much-acclaimed Japanese ship, manufactured by the renowned builder Kure Naval Arsenal. She was launched on 8th August 1940 but commissioned on 16th December 1941, a week after the Pearl harbour was attacked. She was the main battleship of the Yamato class of the Imperial Japanese Navy during the World War II. She along with her sister ship, Musashi, were the heaviest battleships ever made, which displaced 72,800 tonnes at full load. She was armed with nine 46 cm 45-Caliber Type 94 guns, which were the largest guns ever mounted on any battleship.

She was named after the traditional Japanese Yamato Province. She was created to counter the warship of the US, which was the main opponent of Japan in the Pacific. Yamato battleship served as the head of Japanese Combined Fleet throughout the year 1942. The ship was also present during the war of the Philippine Sea in June 1944, but it played no role in the battle.

In April 1945, Yamato was sent on its last mission to Okinawa. She was directed to protect the island after the naval power in the Pacific turned against the country. The ship was ordered to fight until it destroyed. Finally, on 7 April 1945, the ship was sunk by the American carrier-based bombers and torpedo bombers. Most of the crew members of the ship lost their life while protecting the ship from American bombers.

Details of the model ship:

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