Crude Oil Tanker (Standard Range) – GN

Reference Number:

TK0015P - GN

This Vessel Type is Tanker


About the Vessel

Oil tankers are designed for the transportation of crude oil in large quantities. These are used to transport unrefined oil to refineries. This model of Crude Oil Tanker 2 is one of the containers of the “supertanker era”. This tanker is special for its huge length, exceeding almost 400 meters and the capacity of 500,000 DWT.

This replica of Crude Oil Tanker 2 is created by Gia Nien, which is a Vietnam-based manufacturer of handcrafted boats. Gia Nien offers an array of ship models such as classic ships, motor boats, steamships, historic ships, super-yachts and more.

This model of the Crude Oil Tanker 2 is a scaled-down model comprising all the characteristics of the original ship. It is hand painted and made by our team of skilled artisans, which makes it a perfect replica, defining all the details of the ship.

Our building process starts from planning for the construction of the ship model. We ensure that the model is created as perfect as possible and we do this by identifying the ship, sourcing the building plans as well as implementing them in the most productive way.

Further, the structure of the model is created by cutting the premium quality hardwoods as well as assembling wooden sections and frames. Then the long flat pieces of wood are fixed to the structure of the model boat to form the hull of the boat. Further, fibre glass and other body fillers are added to the model, including painting, finishing, quality control and packing. Finally, you get an exclusive ship model, beautifully created by our experienced craftsmen. This crude oil carrier model is a perfect imitation of the original tank containing all the features.

Details of the model ship:

  • Handcrafted model ship
  • We cover the entire spectrum of popular models, right from contemporary ships to 20th-century ocean liners and crude oil tankers
  • Use of the most durable, high-quality woods including premium hardwoods and maple wood or teak
  • We keep you updated about the order processing and shipping details
  • Expect high-quality packing of the model ship

We have developed an extensive range of model boats and ships. We offer exclusive models of Cruise ships, Mega-yacht, Super-yachts, Fishing boats, legendary boats and other popular sailing boats. With our diverse offerings, we have become one of the popular choices of the customers over a period of time. We also deal in building custom models of boats and ships, those ships which are special to the customer in a specific way – probably as a family gift or as a token of remembrance.

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