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TS0060P - GN

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Dimensions L x H x W 23 × 86 × 79 cm

This Vessel Type is Frigate


HMS Trincomalee Model Ships Standard Range

When the Trincomalee was needed, an oak shortage in Britain led the Royal Navy to place an order for the building of a Leda frigate to Wadia Shipyards in Bombay, India. The Leda ships were inspired by the patterns on the French frigate Febe, captured by the Royal Navy. The HMS Trincamolee has the distinction of being the oldest warship of the British Navy that is still afloat. Currently serving as a museum, the ship is part of the National Historic Fleet, Core Collection. HMS Trincamolee models from our platinum range are available in various sizes.

HMS Trincamolee’s Journey

Named after the 1782 Battle of Trincomaleeoff Ceylon, this fast, sleek and agile vessel of the British Navy was manufactured in India and reached Britain in 1819. Some refitting was done and the ship was placed in reserve for several years. It was only in 1845 that the British Navy decided to reclassify the ship as a sixth rate “spar decked corvette” and so carried out some changes. HMS Trincomalee was re-armed with lesser guns of greater fire power and her stern was reshaped.

The ship spent ten years of her service from 1847 to 1857 in the North American and West Indies stations. HMS Trincomalee’s duties during this period included patrolling locations where steam vessels could not operate, and backing up vessels carrying out anti slavery activities. The ship was also involved in the efforts to prevent the invasion of Cuba and the subduing of the Haiti riots.

HMS Trincomalee was sent to patrol the St Lawrence Estuary in Newfoundland and Labrador in 1849, but had to be called back due to little activity in the region Following some repairs and another refit, the ship was re-commissioned to the Royal Navy’s Pacific Squadron in Vancouver. The ship was involved in the destruction of Russian frigates during the Crimean war, protection of trade routes off the Californian coast and several other important assignments.

After remaining in active service for several years, HMS Trincomalee was rested in 1895 and sold in 1897 to a scrap dealer. The ship was, however, bought by a entrepreneur who decided to rename the ship as Foudroyant in honor of an earlier ship owned by him. After serving as an accommodation ship, a training ship and a holiday ship for several years until 1986, the ship’s original name was restored in 1992.

This historic ship is a reminder of the Royal Navy’s strength and its models are in great demand. Replicas of this historic Leda frigate can be ordered at Premier Ship Models, a leading manufacturer of model ships and yacht replicas. The HMS Trincomalee Model ships is available in various sizes.

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