Sovereign of the Seas Model Ship (Standard Range) – GN

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TS0005W-60 - GN

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Dimensions L x H x W 21 × 72 × 72 cm

This Vessel Type is Frigate


Sovereign of the Seas Model Ship

Available in several sizes, the Sovereign of the Seas Model ship is an exact replica of the British Royal Navy’s 17th century warship. The ship was built on the insistence of King Charles I who wanted to expand the strength of the navy at a time when England had many enemies. This first rate ship was very expensive and a significant portion of its costs were met through a special tax on the public. This resulted in resentment amongst the public and ultimately led to Charles’ overthrowing in 1649.

The Service Life of Sovereign of the Seas

This lavish and exquisitely carved ship was launched in October 1637. The Sovereign of Seas served from 1638 to 1697 when it was destroyed by fire. This first rate ship was one of the most decorated ships with 102 bronze cannons but its gunning capacity was reduced. The ship’s name was changed to simply “Sovereign” in 1650 when all ships named after royalty were renamed. The Sovereign was part of all the commonwealth wars and the conflicts the English navy faced against the United Provinces and France.

Called the Golden Devil by the Dutch, this British Navy ship was a force to reckon with. During the First Anglo Dutch War in 1652, the Netherlands put forth a special reward for the crews of fireships that were successful in destroying the Sovereign. Although captured by the Dutch several times, this historic ship was retaken by the Royal Navy every time and thus remained in service for nearly 60 years.

The ship’s armament was increased to 100 guns by 1660 and it was rebuilt at Chatham as a first rate ship. As King Charles II took over after the interregnum, the ship’s name was changed to Royal Sovereign. The warship is remembered for her role in all the Anglo Dutch war, and the battles at Orfordness in 1666, Solebay in 1672, Schoonyeld in 1673 and Texel in 1673.

The Royal Sovereign as it was known now underwent a second rebuild at Chatham dockyard in 1685 before participating in the War of the Grand alliance against France’s Louis XIV. While in the Irish Sea, the Royal Sovereign joined several battles including the Battle of Beachy Head, the Battle of La Houge and the Battle of Barfleur. After playing its part in several wars, the ship’s condition deteriorated and it started leaking. This lead to the ship’ slaying off at Chatham during the reign of William III. The ship was finally lost due to an accidental fire in 1697.

Remembered for its unique history and beautiful carvings, this historic warship is a favorite among ship collectors. Quality replicas of this elaborately designed warship can be procured from Premier Ship Models, a leading manufacturer of model ships and yachts, ancient and modern.

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