Texaco Oslo Oil Tanker (Standard Range) – GN

Reference Number:

TK0002P - GN

This Vessel Type is Tanker


About the Vessel

Texaco Oslo was a very popular oil tanker. She was built in 1960. The container vessel was known for its great performance. With its durable construction, the oil tanker helped in the bulk transportation of oil. Her gross weight was 12884 tonnes while her deadweight tonnage was 20029 tonnes. She was constructed by ship builder “Blythewood Shipbuilding” in Glasgow, United Kingdom. She was lastly operated under the flag of Bahamas.

Gia Nhien is the manufacturer of this ship model. It is a Vietnam-based company creating handcrafted boats and ships, offering a wide variety of ship models such as classic ships, motor boats, steam ships, historic ships and large yachts.

The model ships by Gia Nhien are built from scratch that ensures high-quality craftsmanship using the traditional technique of plank-on-frame construction. All the ship models include a wooden base with brass name and are ready for displaying purpose. All the materials used in construction have been carefully selected from the premium hardwoods to the polished metal fittings and hand-stitched leather upholstery.

Making the Model Boat

Our construction process comprises plan preparation, formulation of the framework, planking, adding of fibreglass and body filler, assembling deck structure, painting, finishing, quality control and packing. All this has been done according to the specifications given by our clients that make an exclusive ship model. Our models are packed in an eco-friendly way and do a great job of protecting the model during transit.

Details of the model ship:

  • Choose from an extensive line of historic ocean liners and cruise ships still revered for their heritage and engineering innovations
  • Painted meticulously to ensure the paint patterns are matched flawlessly
  • Limited models are made every year – you get the advantage of being the privileged few who will own this eagerly sought model
  • We cover the entire spectrum of popular models, right from contemporary ships to 20th-century ocean liners that are still a collector’s dream
  • Get our master craftsmen to help you relive the grandeur of a voyage you have always wished to be part of with these handmade models

Choose from our growing collection of historic, classical and modern sailing vessels. From recreating tug boats, wartime vessels to sleeker yachts that are currently engaging attention, we cover a wide range of model ships. Every imitation ship model is preceded by extensive research, including procuring hard-to-find drawings and diagrams that help us nail the design of the ship. Our team has the extensive nautical knowledge and this shows in shipping models rendered with extreme precision!

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