San Felipe Model Ship (Standard Range) – GN

Reference Number:

TS0031W-60/80 - GN

Additional information

Dimensions L x H x W 20 × 69 × 73 cm


This Vessel Type is Frigate


San Felipe Model Ship

The ‘San Felipe’ was one of the most beautiful Spanish ships of the 17th century. The stern was renowned the world over for the variety of beautiful sculptures adorning her. She was launched at a time when the Spanish were fighting both the mighty British and French Empires. The ‘San Felipe’ was heavily armed with 108 cannons and possessed great manoeuvrability due to the ship unusual slim design.

Because of this, the ‘San Felipe’ was used to carry enormous wealth from the Spanish conquests of South America and the Caribbean, in addition to protecting their territories. Unfortunately the ‘San Felipe’ came to an end in 1705, whilst fighting a protracted battle at enormous odds of approximately 36 English ships to a Spanish Fleet of 12. The ‘San Felipe’ was eventually captured by the British, but suffered so much damage that she sank to the bottom of the Sea with all her precious cargo.

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