Princess 60 – GN

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SB0052P - GN

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This Vessel Type is Luxury yacht


About the Princess 60 Yacht

The Princess yacht was started in 1965, and became a well known luxury yacht by the 1980s. Princesses were widely present in most marinas throughout Europe and all over the world. The Princess yacht established a foothold in the United Stated in 1995, when the Princess was combined with Viking Yachts, a specialised builder in motor yachts. This was essential in modifying the style and essence of the Princess yacht to better suit American tastes. In 2010, these modifications were adopted by boat enthusiasts in Europe as well, changing the overall look of the Princess permanently.

Despite being an English yacht, the Princess now carries the signature style of American yachts, with a galley that is on the top floor instead of on a lower deck. This allows those in the galley to interact with and enjoy the same views as other passengers. The second change is on the lower deck. With the removal of the galley, the Princess 60 now has ensued facilities for each cabin. Even with the change in style, the Princess 60 retains the same standard of performance, and continues to be just as fast as agile as her previous model.

About the Princess 60 Model

The construction process begins with extensive research and planning, to ensure that the ship model is replicated as accurately as possible. The ship model is then scratch-built by master craftsmen, using her original plan and photographs.

The making of this model requires hundreds of hours of work before completion and undergoes a stringent quality control process before leaving the workshop. The team of master craftsmen make use of their skills and expertise to build the hulls and bridges exclusively out of hand picked hardwoods, in order to create the structure of the ship model. The plank-on-frame technique is then employed to follow the unique curve of each ships hull. In order to create a smooth finish, the model ship is sanded and varnished, before the painting begins. An undercoat layer is added, to create a smooth and even surface. The paint is then selected and matched to the colour of the original ship. The details on this ship have been replicated using polished brass and metal finishes. Each of these processes are executed in sync with the customer’s customisation requirement or matched perfectly with the ship’s original layout. The ship model is then packaged carefully, to ensure that ensure for a smooth and safe transit to our clients.

This model is not a kit and is ready for display.

About the Manufacturer

At Premier Ship Models, we are committed to building quality partnerships. With more than twenty years of experience, our manufacturers are specialised in the production of luxury hand-crafted model boat and ships. What originally began as an artisanal family workshop, now produces an extensive range of highly sought-after collectibles; Including classic speedboat models, historic tall-ship models, cruise ship models, moderns yacht models and battleship models. These ship models are carefully hand crafted and made from the highest quality hardwoods, sourced from local exotic wood resources.

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