Container Ship Model – GN

Reference Number:

TK0018P - GN

This Vessel Type is Container


About the Container Ship

Container ships have various port of calls around the world. They ship a variety of goods and sail on trade routes from East Asia to North America, Central America, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, Northern Europe and Australia. Some container ships tend to adopt intra-continental routes such as the East Asian ports to the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea.

In 1992, 29,000 rubber ducks were unintentionally dumped into the Pacific Ocean by a container lost overboard by Evergreen’s ship Ever Laurel. On 23 March 2021, Evergreen’s Ever Given became lodged in the Suez Canal, bringing shipping around the world to a virtual standstill. After nearly a week of hard work, tugs and machinery were able to get the ship back afloat.

About the Container Ship Model

The model of the container carrier you see on the screen is 100 cm long. The materials that are used in the construction of this model container are hand picked and prepared including locally-sourced hardwoods and polished metal fittings. All models are ready to be displayed and come with a wooden base and a brass nameplate. You can display your model in a glass case so that it is protected from dust and the effects of time. Please contact us for more information.

The Manufacturer

Our manufacturers are committed to producing quality ship models, hence each stage of the construction process is carefully monitored and controlled. The team is made up of master craftsmen who work diligently using the traditional skills of model ship building. These skills have been developed over many years to create detailed and accurate models of all our ship models.

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