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Used intermittently by the Royal Korean Navy, the Geobukseon , also known as turtle ship in western descriptions, was a type of large Korean warship, during the Joseon dynasty from the early 15th century up until the 19th century. Alongside the panokseon warships, it fought against invading Japanese naval ships. The ship’s name derives from its protective shell-like covering.  This design is often recognized as the first armored ship in the world. Psm custom model.

 With great research using original pictures and plans our skilled artisans create this superb replica of the Turtle Ship from scratch. Building a custom-made model is one of our more unique services offered at Premier Ship Models. The dedication to brilliant customer service, combined with excellent value for money has made Premier Ship Models the number one choice for model ships, boats and yacht collectors worldwide.

Our Turtle Ship model, is made using the finest materials to the highest quality.  Meticulously detailed to be an accurate, museum quality, replica of the vessel. This model will make an eye-catching centre piece in any room.

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