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PSM034 - PSM

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Dimensions L x H x W 14 × 56 × 29 cm

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Modern Half Hull Model Ship

The 20th century was the period of modern shipbuilding worldwide. Shipbuilding grew as a strategic industry in many nations of the world. Modern ships were built to provide for a nation’s navy and to support their primary industries. Welded steel began to be used widely for building modern ships since the 1940s. After 1950 came the specialised varieties of steel like the ABS steels.

Premier Ship Models has a large variety of famous modern ship models for sale. We also have half hull models of modern ships in our Custom Range of models. We offer to build the half models as per your specifications. We also send photographs of the half models taken during the building process to you.

Modern Ships: Many modern ships were made using the block construction technique. Entire segments of the hull were built elsewhere in the yard, transported to the building dock and then lifted into place. The most modern shipyards would pre install equipment and components within the blocks before it was lifted and welded together with the rest of the ship.

The Modern Half Hull Model Ship: Half hull model ships are much in demand naval decoration pieces. These can be easily used to adorn walls of reception areas, hotel rooms, homes and offices. The modern half hull model ship will be built of fibre glass and painted. The craftsmanship at Premier Ship Models is detailed and precise and the finish is neat and one of the finest. Our models are of a quality worthy of museums.

Premier Ship Models is more than 12 years old and has crafted over 500 models to date. We have built models of famous boats, ships and yachts of all ages. We have half hull models like the standard modern ship model, and also many full rigged ones. The older ships are built of teak and sapele wood and hand-rigged with thread.

To view other ready-made half model ships, browse our many other products or please feel free to Contact Premier Ship Models for with any questions you may have.

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