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Handcrafted, scratch built and ready made scale ship model of Friesland

Friesland ship model represents Premier Ship Models’ Superior range, characteristic for precise craftsmanship, use of highest quality materials and intricate details. This and other model ships from this range are handcrafted from scratch by our own master artisans whose skilled hands bring the models to life. The model is built according to plans and drawings to create the most detailed authentic replica of the original vessel. This and other Superior range models offered by Premier Ship Models contain the design features as they appear on the original vessels.

You can choose to commission your own ship model replica and our own master artisans will produce a unique replica of your choice with the exact specifications you will require, from high quality materials and with a focused attention to every small detail. Premier Ship Models’ quality handcrafted wooden ship models are a result of over 10 years experience in the model making industry and constant development of new designs and tachniques.

The original Friesland ship was built around 1663 and was part of the Great Fleet of the United Province of Holland. The main feature of the Friesland was its superstructure and exceptional refinements on her poop deck decorations. The 80 gun warship gained its fame by participating in the Battle of Solebay in 1672 as a part of fleet of 77 vessels. The battle of Solebay was a conflict between Dutch and Anglo-French fleet, and was the first naval battle of the Third Anglo-Dutch War. The battle resulted in heavy damages on both sides and led to another battle in 1673.

To view other exceptional models built to exact specifications, please browse our our Superior range.  Please feel free to Contact Premier Ship Models for with any questions you may have.

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