Starcraft 40 Model Boat (Rajdhani)

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PSM216 - PSM

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Dimensions L x H x W 49 × 139 × 74 cm

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The Starcraft 40 custom model boat

This is a model ship of the Starcraft 40 (Rajdhani), a boat belonging to the Starcraft family of luxury cruising boats. The Starcraft family refers to a group of boats made between 1946 and 1975 by William Bates & Son in a boatyard in Chertsey on the River Thames. The group of boats were made with an emphasis on skilled craftsmanship and offering a luxury experience on water.

The Rajdhani is the name of one of the Starcraft family and has recently been fully restored to bring the ship up to date. The boat has been installed with central heating, air conditioning, a fully fitted kitchen with modern appliances, multiple 21st Century features including flat screen TVs, audio systems, computers and internet access. The ship reaches a cruising speed of 4 knots and makes trips up and down the River Thames. In 2011 she won the Bates Wheel trophy at the Thames Traditional Boat Rally. She has two single berths, one double berth and can hold up to 12 passengers. Other rooms included on the ship are a saloon, galley, and flybridge which is perfect for carrying additional passengers during the summer time.

The Starcraft 40 ship model was built as a custom build following a request from a client. As we had never built a model of this particular ship before, we had to obtain the plans of the ship in order to create a model that was an accurate replica of the original ship. The model was handcrafted and built to a very high level of detail. This model was built by skilled craftsman with vast experience using only the highest quality materials and strongest attention to detail. Please see our full list of custom built models by clicking here.

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