Soleil Royal Model Ship Kit – Sergal (796)

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796 - SER

Original price was: AED 6,234.Current price is: AED 3,928.

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Additional information

Dimensions L x H x W 20 × 99 × 32 cm


Hull Type

R/C Compatible



This Vessel Type is Frigate


Soleil Royal Model Ships Kit

Details of Manufacturer

Mantua Model Group has been dedicated to producing period model boat kits since the war was over. They are the first corporation to invent and adopt the cutting ability of laser beams to produce very accurate and high quality products. The company is based in Italy and they are able to supply very high quality fittings and building materials for the model boat builder.

If you are a ship building enthusiast then this is a very special opportunity. Our model kit of the Soleil Royal ship allows you to recreate the magic of building the finest ship in the 17th century French fleet.

Soleil Royal: A symbol of Royalty

Built between 1668 to 1670 Le Soleil Royal or ‘the royal sun’ is a symbol of magnificence. Perhaps no other ship inspires as much awe as this, considered to be the finest of the French fleet. This ship carried the emblem of the King, Louis XIV, who was arguably the most powerful and certainly the longest reigning king of France. At that time, France was the European leader in maritime sciences and strove to ensure that this ship was the best of its kind in every aspect. Not only was it bigger and faster but it was advanced technologically too. It carried guns higher above the water and had better lines than its contemporaries.

The Soleil Royal measured about 250 ft overall and at the waterline she was about 187ft. Her beam was about 51ft. The hull of the ship was painted blue and laced with ornate designs in gold befitting a Kings vessel. The ship’s decorations were by the court’s painter Charles Le Brun and the carvings were given shape by Antoine Corsevoix.

The drawings provided by Chalres Le Brun were interpreted into concrete colour sketches by Jean Berain and can still be found in the Louvre Museum in Paris. The quarter gallery and stern had gilt windows and balconies that rose three stories high laden with intricate and ornate designs. Apart from this the Soleil Royal was heavily armoured with over 100 guns and 28 36- pounders. Each of these guns weighed 15 tonnes.

Premier Ship Models offers model kits so you can recreate this beautiful piece of naval architecture. Our models are of the finest quality and accurately reproduce the original masterpiece. The website also features ready-made ships of historic and modern design, all to the highest standard.

To view more of our beginner, intermediate and advanced model kits please browse our website or feel free to Contact Premier Ship Models with any questions you may have.

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