Lady Nelson Ship Model Boat Kit – (Victory Models 1300-01)

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1300-01 - VIC

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Dimensions L x H x W 30 × 50 × 15 cm



Hull Type

R/C Compatible


This Vessel Type is Cutter


Wooden ship kit of Lady Nelson

Premier Ship Model’s commitment to ship modelling is also expressed by offering a wide range of quality wooden kits from several manufacturers. Lady Nelson is one of the Victory model kits produced by Amati in Italy which are known for the finest quality model ship kits designed for enthusiasts who enjoy building their own model. For those who like the kits but do not feel like building it on their own, Premier Ship Models offers the service of assembling the kit for our clients and dispatch as a ready made model ship.

Chris Watton is a world renowned model ship builder and designer known for using latest techniques of manufacturing and design, and Lady Nelson wooden ship kit is one of his design pieces. This and other kits from our range are detailed replicas of the original vessels and are laser cut so the particular pieces fit perfectly. This kit model is a replica of the famous British ship, Lady Nelson, built in 1798 and contains design features of this vessel.

The Royal Navy purchased Lady Nelson in 1799 and from 1800 she was assigned to explore the coasts of Australia. Lady Nelson is known the to be the first classified ship sailing through Bass Strait, South coast of Victoria or entering the Port Phillip. She was involved in the founding of Hobart, today’s capital city of Tasmania. A major accident which caused near loss of the Lady Nelson occurred on the 2nd of May 1815, when the ship ran aground while departing Port Macquarie.

The ship was eventually repaired and continued to explore many other routes until the loss of Lady Nelson to pirates in 1825. Malay pirates had captured the ship near Babar Island when the ship was on the way to bring buffaloes. One of the replicas of Lady Nelson was constructed in 1986 which resides in South Australia. The second replica is a Tasmanian Sail Training Association replica built in 1988.

This model kit is a perfect choice for you if you want to build your own replica of this famous ship. Please feel free to Contact Premier Ship Models with any questions you may have.


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