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PSM052 - PSM


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Dimensions L x H x W 34 × 108 × 83 cm

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Handcrafted, scratch built and ready-made scale Perahu Boat Model

Here at Premier Ship Models we have a huge collection of scale models available, from our Standard, Superior, Premier and Custom ranges. Our Perahu wooden boat model has been fully handcrafted with close attention to detail. Initially built for a corporate client, the Perahu model boat is now on display in the Hong Kong Maritime Museum.

Going into the 20th century, the Perahu was world renowned as one of the fastest sailing boats that existed. This pushed many western builders, including R.M. Munroe and Robert Barnwell Roosevelt to adopt the design of the Perahu, with its design still providing a basis for many speed sailing boats today. A true representation of the traditional Micronesian vessel, Perahu derives its name from the Malay language of the word ‘boat’ which is usually a generic term to describe any vessel smaller than a ship.

Most commonly found around various islands of Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines, the Perahu boats contain characteristics of two usually unequal parallel hulls. The main hull is usually longer than the windward hull and both hulls are usually curved in such a way to produce lift to counteract the lateral forces of the wind. Another main feature of the Perahu boats is that the vessel shunts when changing tracks, allowing the stern to become a bow and viva versa.

Built using high quality materials, our Perahu wooden model boat has been designed to include features of the original vessel to incorporate its rich history. Making a wonderful centre piece, the Perahu boat model would add character and charisma to any room or office.

Premier Ship Models is fully committed to providing our clients with the highest quality and most competitive pricing in the industry. This is an ultimate chance to add one of our most popular model sailing boats to your own private collection.

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