LPG Tanker

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PSM143 - PSM

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Handcrafted, scratch built and ready made scale ship model of LPG Tanker

LPG Tanker models are one of the custom range tanker models by Premier Ship Models, offering the highest quality and exceptionally crafted model ships. Handcrafted and painted by skilled artisans, this model ship is a perfect replica of the original vessel containing the detailed design features captured in a miniature model. This and other custom range ship models are built according to original plans and drawings to replicate the ship to the full authenticity which represents the quality and expertise of model making of Premier Ship Models.

This customized model will appeal not only to model ships enthusiasts but also anyone else  with high attention to detail. For customised models, Premier Ship Models offers the option to choose the scale, size or add some additional features depending on the requirements of a customer. Customers are welcome to provide additional supporting material to the drawings and plans to make a perfect ship replica.

LPG tankers are designed to carry large amounts of bulked liquefied petroleum gas and are divided into several categories such as fully pressurised gas carriers, semi-pressurised ships, ethylene and gas/chemical, fully refrigerated and liquefied natural gas LNG carriers. These ships need to pay close attention to security because the carried gases are toxic and highly flammable.

Since the beginning of the tankers era fully pressurised carriers have been in use, and fully refrigerated were introduced in later years. Fully refrigerated tankers provide larger capacity.

The main characteristics of today’s liquefied petroleum gas carriers are high speed coupled with high propeller load. This requires an associated high powering performance and reduced complete resistance, but also an exceptional after body style with an excellent flow towards the propeller (s) and rudder (s) without flow separation. LPG tankers are largely sailing with conventional single screw propulsion.

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