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Handcrafted, scratch built and ready made HMS Northumberland model ship

HMS Northumberland is a classic wooden ship model by Premier Ship Models. It is carefully handcrafted with great attention to detail. HMS Northumberland scale model is a perfect replica of the classic British warship built in 1798 and contains all the design features of the original vessel. This classic sailing ship model is one of the many ship models representing the quality and expertise of model making of Premier Ship Models.

Made from high quality materials and precisionship modelling craftsmanship, this and other ship models that are in our Platinum Range are considered as true work of art and of museum quality. The ship model is painted and handcrafted by skilled artisans according to original ship plans and drawings.

HMS Northumberland was 74-gun third rate ship of the line of the Royal Navy, built in yards of Barnard, Deptford and launched on 2 February 1798. This warship for the 5th Duke of Northumberland and was responsible for mauling French warships in the west Indies in the wake of Trafalgar. HMS Northumberland was a successor of HMS Colossus, a 74-gun warship built in 1787 at Gravesend and wrecked off Samson in the Scillies in 1798. These 74-gun ships were one of the most successful types of the period; they were typically about 51m (170 feet) in length and had a compliment of approximately 600 men.

One of the main battles, HMS Northumberland participated was the Battle of San Domingo. The results were deadly, with 21 casualties, 74 wounded and the ship itself was significantly damaged. One of the main achievements was capturing a French 14-gun privateer. Also, in 1799 it was detached to reinforce Lord Nelson in Palermo.

Furthermore, HMS Northumberland gained its fame for transportation of Napoleon Bonaparte into captivity on the island of Saint Helena. Napoleon was transferred from the Bellerophon to the Northumberland for his final voyage to St. Helena because concerns were expressed about the suitability of the ageing ship. HMS Northumberland was therefore selected instead. The history of this classic warship ends in 1850 when The Sydney Shipping Gazette reports that this vessel is due to be broken up.

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