Reference Number:

BT1508P - GN

This Vessel Type is Modern military


HMS King George V was the lead ship of the five King George V-class battleships of the Royal Navy. She was laid down in 1937, before being commissioned in 1940. Serving in the Second World War meant she saw a number of key battles, including Operation Husky wherein the Allied forces landed in Sicily.

In April 1941, King George V was made flagship of the British Home Fleet, and she retained this position until 1947, when she became a training battleship.

This terrific model rendition encapsulates the spirit of the real-life counterpart, complete with highly intricate decking, weaponry and rigging. The hull is a deep red, and this starkly contrasts the camouflage scheme on the rest of the model. It measures in at a metre in length, 14 centimetres in width, and 35 centimetres in height. It’s certainly very large, but this annunciates the prominent features of this brilliant historic ship.

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