HMS Jalouse Boat Kit – Caldercraft (9007)

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HMS Jalouse Model Boat Kit


The HMS Jalouse was originally a French vessel named, La Jalouse, and captured by the British in 1797. The 1700’s were an era in history that saw huge levels of conflict between the British and French, for example during the Seven Years War and the Napoleonic Conquests. For this reason, both countries were eager to develop the strength of their navy and achieve dominance on the seas.

It was this race for conquest that probably attributed to the commission, design and development of some of the finest ships of all time, such as the HMS Victory. Caldercraft have effortlessly managed to capture this era of history and the ships that floated on some of the most dangerous waters in their collection called Nelson’s Navy.

The Jalouse is an example of a French warship of the era, whose distinguishing features included the 90-degree angle to the keel of the rudderpost and the tops and crosstrees and trestletrees. She carried 18 6-pounder guns, which were later replaced with 18 32-pounder carronades by the Royal Navy

About the model kit

As mentioned above, Caldercraft have managed to replicate much of 1700’s naval warfare through their collection titled Nelson’s Navy. Premier Ship Models are proud to offer this collection, along with other Caldercraft kits, as part of our historical ship model range.

The kit includes all fixtures and fittings needed to complete a highly detailed replica of the HMS Jalouse.

There are 18 brass 6-pounder cannons, CNC cut parts made with walnut and black and natural hemp rigging. The hull is double plank on bulkhead construction. The kit includes an instruction booklet in English, with a step-by-step guide to help you finish the kit to a high level of accuracy.

If you have any questions during the build, please feel free to contact us and we will offer any assistance we can. If you need any tools, please click here to view our offering. Worldwide delivery available.

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