Grimmershorn Ship Model Kit – Krick (K21440)

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K21440 - KRI

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This Vessel Type is Motor yacht


Grimmershorn Ship Model Kit

About the Vessel

Grimmershorn Ship was a motor vessel built in 1956-57 by Hansa Stahlund GmbH at Koln-Deutz. The ship was created for the Division of Waterways and Shipping Administration at Cuxhaven. This ship used the Daimler-Benz engine. The four stroke engine ran on diesel and churned an impressive output of 500hp. Grimmershorn gained prominence because of this powerful engine that could clock speeds of up to 11.5 knots. Our Grimmershorn Ship Model Kit is packed with all pre-shaped components, which are required to construct an accurate ship model. You can feel assured about the boat model being easy-to-understand with finely detailed components that help to capture the essence of the actual vessel!

We know that most of the ship model kits are bought by folks who are passionate about ships while others might use it for gifting purposes. Our strategy is to ensure that irrespective of the buying demographic, each kits packs the necessary information and quality-tested parts for a rewarding boat-building experience.

About the Model Ship Kit

Our ship-building kits cater to every level of model-builders out there. From beginners to intermediary level builders and those aspiring to expertly create huge models. We offer a huge collection of boat building kits that you can View Here!

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