Defiance Pusher Tug

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PSM208 - PSM

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Dimensions L x H x W 18 × 30 × 20 cm

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This Vessel Type is Tugboat


The Defiance pusher tug custom model ship

The Defiance is a pusher tug boat used for the pushing of barges. Pusher tug boats are commonly used for the same purpose although sometimes can be used for pushing car floats as well. The boats usually have a square bow with steel knees and extremely powerful engines to help with pushing. The most powerful pusher tugs can push up to 50 large barges that are strung together with steel cables. Some pusher tugs that cover long distances are built with living quarters included to accommodate crew.

The average pusher tug measures 35-200 feet long and 21 to 56 feet wide. The smaller ones tend to be used in harbours and the longer ones are used for journeys between major ports. The average horsepower for a ship like this is between 600 and 11,000 which is huge for such a small ship; demonstrating the sheer level of power they possess.

The Defiance is an American pusher tug built in the year 1982. She measures 44.2 metres in length and 13.42 metres in width. She has a gross tonnage of 871 and can average a speed of 11.9 knots.

This is a custom built model ship of the Defiance. It has been built using the original ship plans to ensure total authenticity. It is handcrafted by model makers with extensive experience, using the highest quality materials to ensure that the ship model is of the finest finish. You can view our full range of custom built models by clicking here.

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