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PSM184 - PSM

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Handcrafted, scratch built and ready-made scale ship model kit of Bulk Carrier

A bulk carrier, also known as bulk freighter or bulker is a merchant ship specially designed to transport unpackaged bulk cargo, such as grains, coal or ore in its cargo holds. First bulk carriers were built in 1850’s and in the present, bulkers make up 40% of the world’s merchant fleets and range in size from single-hold mini bulk carriers to mammoth ore ships able to carry 400,000 metric tonnes of deadweight.

To facilitate construction, bulkers are built with a single hull curvature. Also, while a bulbous bow allows a ship to move more efficiently through the water, designers lean towards simple vertical bows on larger ships. The important part of the bulk carriers are the hatches. A hatch or hatchway is the opening at the top of a cargo hold in order to efficiently load and unload cargo, hatches must be large, but large hatches presents other structural problems!

This unique ship model from Premier Ship Models is built to the exact specifications of our clients. This ship model is a perfect replica of the original bulk carrier. Premier Ship Models’ product range is characteristic for an exceptional approach towards creating ship models according to the exact specifications of our clients.

This ship model of bulk carrier is handmade, built from scratch, incorporating every detail and is built according to original plans and drawings. This and other handcrafted models offered by Premier Ship Models contain all the design features as they appear on the original vessels. The model was built by our skilled artisans who are focused on creating the best model possible using the best quality materials. Extensive research on the original yacht needed to be done to create a fully authentic replica model.

This ship model is a very elegant piece of naval decor to decorate an office or a home. Premier Ship Models can praise itself for ensuring the best possible quality, the ship models are thoroughly checked by our Quality Control Manager throughout the production process.

To view another exceptional models built to exact specifications, please browse our wide product range. Please feel free to Contact Premier Ship Models for with any questions you may have.

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