Clipper 70 Custom Modern Sailing Yacht

Reference Number:

PSM2259 - PSM

This Vessel Type is Modern sailing yacht


Clipper 70s feature twin helms and twin rudders, as well as a six-foot bowsprit. This allows for the accommodation of three spinnakers and headsails, drastically increasing boat speed and overall performance.

The hull design also permits the Clipper 70 with better movement and manoeuvrability, meaning turns can be sharper, and acceleration is quicker.

Premier Ship Models’ replica is a stunning counterpart to the real-life version. The model measures in at 42 centimetres in length, 11 centimetres in width and 58 centimetres in height. Furthermore, the sails are incredibly intricate, complete with sponsorships and decals, much like the hull. The decking itself is also highly detailed, with even the most minute details being accounted for.

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