Cason J. Callaway Model Ship – GN

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TK0086P - GN

This Vessel Type is Tanker


Cason J. Callaway

Cason J. Callaway built by Great Lakes Engineering Works of River Rouge, Michigan. She was christened and launched as Cason J. Callaway in 1952. The usual unloading ports for the Callaway were Gary, Indiana, and Conneaut, Ohio. In 1955, Cason J. Callaway was involved in a head-on collision with the B.F. Jones. Both ships sustained heavy damage and the Jones was withdrawn from service after the incident. Beginning in 1962, the Callaway was transported from ore from mines in Labrador to American steel mills on the lakes. Deck officers were assigned to Canadian ships to familiarise themselves with the eastern part of the Seaway system. Travel on the Seaway continued until the early 1970s.

The model of Cason J. Callaway

This wooden boat model has been built with a remarkable level of craftsmanship, using the traditional technique of plank on frame construction, each step of the construction process is carefully controlled and takes several weeks. The hulls and decks are built exclusively with hardwoods. The model of the boat has been sanded and varnished in several coats, to create a smooth finish.The team of master craftsmen use the skills and expertise developed over many years, to ensure that this model is identical to the The model is mounted on a solid wooden base and includes a brass plate.

The manufacturer

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