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PSM037 - PSM

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This Vessel Type is J class yacht


Handcrafted, scratch built and ready-made scale yacht model of Yare & Bure

Yare & Bure is one of the many model sailing yachts which have been carefully handcrafted here at Model Ships, with a high level of attention to detail. Using original plans and drawings, our artists have carefully incorporated all the design features into this elegantly constructed model yacht.

Built in 1908, Yare & Bure One Design went on to be the creation which made Earnest Woods his name. Woods is now remembered as one of most prolific designers of the early twentieth century, designing and building a total of 69 yachts and boats.

Over 100 years old, it was designed to be, and remains, a truly versatile boat, providing thrilling racing and a pleasurable sailing experience. Despite more than a hundred years passing, the YBOD yacht model remains one of the finest keelboat classes in East Anglia.

Many owners of the Yare & Bure will sum up its appeal in three words; Grace, Pace and Space. One of the most recognised features of this yacht model is beautifully proportioned design, inspired by the sight of a duck gliding through the water. This manifested in the Yare & Bure’ yacht signature featuring a broad bow with a slightly uplifted transom.

Yare & Bure One Design is one of the classic sailing yachts built from softwood which lasts better in the alkali water. Despite that Ernest Wood’s original design has been largely unaltered over the century; this wooden racing yacht has retained its appeal in spite of attempts at modernisation.

This yacht model is representative of the quality and expertise here at Premier Ship Models. Using the highest quality of materials and precise ship modelling craftsmanship, we bring you this magnificent addition for your collection.

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