USS Constellation Ship Model (Standard Range) – GN

Reference Number:

TS0021W - GN

This Vessel Type is Frigate


USS Constellation

The USS Constellation was a 38-gun three-metre frigate. She was part of the US Navy. She was built at the Joseph and Samuel Sterett shipyard on Harris Creek in the maritime community of Fell’s Point Baltimore. The ship was one of the frigates authorised to be built by the Naval Act of 1794. Joshua Humphreys designed these frigates to be the flagships of the  new Navy. The Constellation and her sisters were larger and more heavily armed than the standard frigates, of this era. The Constellation’s first tasks were to provide protection for the US merchant marine during the Quasi-War with France.

Making of the USS Constellation Ship Model

This model is the result of extensive research and careful planning. The USS Constellation ship model is built by our experienced craftsmen using the traditional technique of board and frame construction and requires several hundred hours of work. The models are built from wood and are painted and varnished to protect them. All models are ready for display and are supplied with a wooden base and a brass nameplate. The model will be an elegant and elegant addition to any space. We also offer a selection of attractive display cases so that your model can be displayed in a dust-free environment.

Our Manufacturer

Delivering to more than 30 countries around the world, Premier ship model and our suppliers are committed to improving and producing our impressive collection of maritime models. Our local artisanal craftsmen hand-make every model, with a focus on quality and customer satisfaction. We take pride in the quality of our products, such as the Stripes Yacht model, and carefully monitor every step of the building process to ensure a guaranteed seal of perfection.

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