Turbine Transfer Catamaran Model

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PSM205 - PSM

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Dimensions L x H x W 60 × 109 × 64 cm

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This Vessel Type is Catamaran


Ready-made model ship of a Turbine Transfer Catamaran

The Turbine Transfer Catamaran is a high speed vessel built for the purposes of transporting both cargo and crew to and from wind turbines. The ships are built and designed with one goal in mind of creating a ship that is extremely fast but also comfortable and safe. These design features make it the perfect vessel for its purpose, transporting personnel and equipment between shore and wind turbines. These ships are very important in maintaining wind turbines and ensuring that they serve their purpose of generating energy.

The Turbine Transfer Catamarans were originally built in 2011 in Buckie Shipyard.  They have the capability of travelling up to 60 miles from safe haven with 12 passengers and 3 members of crew. They are 16.52 metres in length, with a beam of 6.35 metres. They can reach a maximum speed of 26 knots, but usually cruise at around 22 knots with a fuel capacity of 4,640 litres. They are very modern and fitted with up to date navigation services such as magnetic and GPS compasses, telephone, email, internet and two radars. They have a large foredeck for carrying cargo such as equipment that would be used to maintain wind turbines, and can seat up to 15 passengers.

This vessel is designed with both productivity and safety in mind. Her thoughtful design means she is perfectly capable of navigating the sea and serving the purpose of transporting passengers and equipment between shore and wind turbines. This model ship has been crafted and painted by skilled workers to ensure total accuracy to the original vessels. The purpose of constructing this model is to ensure that anybody who has been lucky enough to experience being on this ship, or simply admires her beautiful design features and the purpose she serves; is able to have an accurate replica in their home or office. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any queries regarding this product.

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