Transvaal Castle Liner

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PSM254 - PSM

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Dimensions L x H x W 38 × 94 × 27 cm

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Transvaal Castle Liner


Transvaal Castle Liner was launched on 17 January 1961 by Lady Cayzer, wife of the then Chairman of British and Commonwealth Shipping. Built by John Brown & Company at Clydebank in Scotland, Transvaal Liner famously set course for its maiden voyage on 18th January in 1962. Transvaal Castle Liner impressed the passengers with its majestic size of 760 feet and the ability to quickly cover nautical miles at a speed of 22.5km per hour.

The vessel was a much-acclaimed British Ocean Liner and was constructed for the Union-Castle Line. The plan was to use Transvaal Castle Liner for providing mail services. The route of the voyage extended from Southampton to Durban. The ship was delivered to the Union-Castle on 16th December 1961.

Transvaal Castle Liner is regarded as the last of three ships that were planned by the Union-Castle Line during 1950s. The Castle Liner was preceded by the RMS Pendennis Castle. Its other notable companion was the RMS Windsor Castle. Transvaal Castle Liner had the popularity of being the first ever British-built passenger liner to employ a bulbous bow rather than the conventional ship designs of that era. The South African Safmarine bought this historic vessel in 1966. The Transvaal Castle Liner was then renamed S.A. Vaal. It was employed for the same range of services, across the same route. Maritime mail services between UK and South Africa ended in 1977. It was then that Transvaal Castle Liner seemed to have run its course. The ocean liner was then resold to Carnival Cruise Line. After the sale, the liner lay dormant for some years and then it was renovated in Japan. Here, it was named Cruise Ship SS Festivale – this ship re-entered active service in 1978.

In 1996, the renovated Transvaal Castle Liner, bearing the name SS Festivale was sold to Dolphin Cruise Line. This led to the second round of renaming. Here, the original Transvaal Castle Liner was now titled IslandBreeze. Dolphin Cruise Line was a cruise shipping company owned by Thomson Cruises and it kept the SS Festivale employed for a period of 2 years. Here, the Transvaal Castle Liner did duty as a charter shipping vessel. Surprisingly, the Transvaal Castle Liner underwent another sale, this time it was sold to Premier Cruise Line. This deal got the Transvaal Castle Liner its final name – SS Big Red Boat III in 1998. With Premier Cruise Line being declared bankrupt in 2000, the golden years of Transvaal Castle Liner came to an end and it did not return to its active duty.

Details of the model ship:

  • Painted hull with a personalised option of antique wax hull
  • Our models use the planks-on-frame construction to ensure each model delivers excellent longevity
  • Customized option – personalised nameplate if you don’t like the standard nameplate
  • Exact replica of the Transvaal Castle Liner with its minutest details
  • We are now shipping internationally

Our team of craftsmen has expertise in nautical detailing. Using their maritime knowledge and woodworking skills, they create boutique ship models. These ship models can be used as items of ornamentation in a living room or the visual highlight of a hotel lobby. Our ship models regularly make it to collections of private collectors, most of whom are dedicated ship model makers and accumulators. Expect each of our models to be made from premium woods and modern materials like fibre glass for that extra bit of durability.

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