Topaz Marine Supply Vessel Model ship

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PSM230 - PSM

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Dimensions L x H x W 32 × 64 × 42 cm

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This Vessel Type is Tanker


Topaz Marine Supply Vessel Model Ship

About the Vessel

Topaz Marine is a much-acclaimed supply vessel offered by the Topaz Energy and Marine Company. The company is a leading offshore support vessel company that offers marine solutions to energy-sector industries on a global level. Headquartered in Dubai, Topaz Energy and Marine Company has its regional offices in countries like Qatar, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and African nations like Angola & Nigeria. However, the company mainly works in the Middle East, West Africa and the Caspian region along with operations spreading across the North Sea and Mexican Gulf. This bulk supply vessel has had notable presence in the Caspian Sea region almost 25 years.

We follow a systematic process to ensure that every model ship is scaled down to perfection and is worthy of being displayed on the mantel or countertop. Our ship model process starts with finalizing a model. These projects thrive on credible information. Using online and offline tools, our research team ensures that the team of craftsmen get images and plan details that helps them create the perfect design along with getting the smaller details right. Moving from decks to bridge plans and to the type of deck fittings used, pattern of sails and rigging plans are studied. We prefer using planking to create the ship’s hull. Sometimes, we might add fibre glass to the wood to add some lustre to the model. Sanding might require repeated rounds to ensure finishing flaws are overcome. This is followed by assembling the deck structure.

The complete process of assembling, undercoating, painting and repeated rounds of quality control come together to create an exclusive model ship that deserves a place in your collection. For highly customized models, the colour scheme is cross-checked with the client and changes can be accommodated. Even the packaging is run through a round of quality checking so that the transit does not damage the ship model.

About the Model Ship:

  • Now shipping internationally
  • Hand-painted hull with colour scheme matched with the Topaz supplier fleet of ships with light colour painted deck
  • Personalized nameplate option available for this model if you don’t prefer a standard nameplate
  • Topaz Marine Supply Vessel Model Ship is an excellent gifting proposition for someone who prefers contemporary vessels that boast of technical expertise
  • Ship models built from scratch by our team of craftsmen – less mechanized, more handcrafted approach


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