Titanic Model Ship Kit – Occre (14009)

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14009 - OCC

AED 1,196

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This Vessel Type is Cruise liner


OcCre Titanic

OcCre is a fantastic company who are renowned in the model making industry for their bespoke, extremely high-standard of work. Each model is carefully deliberated and evaluated at every step to ensure the best possible outcome for the customer. The ships they make span across a multitude of eras, demonstrating their extensive knowledge in the industry.

They look to push the industry of model making at every possible chance, whilst providing incredible accessibility to newcomers via easy-to-follow instructions, and even tutorials on their website and YouTube.

Their rendition of the RMS Titanic is truly breath-taking. It’s a kit suitable for intermediate builders, as it’s rich with exquisite intricacy and detail. The hull is a beautiful dark red wood, which greatly contrasts the bright red steel of the actual boat. It features the iconic four stacks, and has the name ‘Titanic’ emblazoned in classy golden lettering on the side, giving the entire model an accomplished, dignified sense of regality.

The RMS Titanic is perhaps one of the most famous ships of all-time, with an undoubtedly tragic story. This beautiful legacy is brilliantly encapsulated in OcCre’s reproduction, as it features an exquisite level of detail, furthering the amazing qualities that this model possesses.

At a scale of 1:300, it may be easy to assume that many key features may have been skipped over, but with OcCre, that is never the case. The sheer amount of detail present in this Titanic build is mind-blowing, with each part expertly crafted, sourced, woven and designed. It’s length measures in at ninety centimetres, with a width of eleven and a half, and a height of twenty-four, making it fairly sizable, but not too cumbersome. For added rigidity, the construction is plank-on-frame, and thus the longevity of the model is favourable.

Overall, it’s a fantastic model which captures all of the brilliant heritage of the real-life counterpart, in all its tragic history. The details are nothing short of sublime, and each measurement is made with the utmost care and meticulousness, ensuring the best possible end result. It’s a wonderful testament to the ship itself, enthusiasts of the Titanic, and the maritime industry as an entirety.

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