SS Corinthic Model Ship

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PSM283 - PSM

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This Vessel Type is Passenger Ship


SS Corinthic Model Ship

Passenger ships from the late 19th and early 20th century remain popular among collectors. The SS Corinthic model ship is a perfect replica of the original passenger vessel that would make a fine addition to any model ship collection. Premier Ship Models offers exceptional quality model ships of historic and modern vessels, including this model of the SS Corinthic.

The SS Corinthic was a British passenger ship that was built in 1902. She was one of three Athenic class ocean liners built during this time. This ship and her two sister ships were built to carry passengers and cargo from Britain to New Zealand. The Corinthic was decommissioned and scrapped in 1931. Although her sailing life was not quite 30 years, the memory of this vessel lives on in high quality ship models and the imaginations of collectors.

SS Corinthic ship models can be made to order from Premier Ship Models. The distinctive red and black hull and sleek design of this vessel will enhance the décor of any space and provide a great addition to any collection of passenger ships or historic vessels. Read more about the dimensions and scale of this ship and contact us to Request a Quote.

At Premier Ship Models, every model in our collection is carefully designed to provide a quality replica of the original ship. We use only the best quality materials and extreme attention to detail to ensure that every aspect of the original ship is found in the model. We have included photographs of the models on our website, so you can see the quality and detail before you place your order.

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