Sovereign of the Seas Model Ship Kit – Sergal (787)

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787 - SER

AED 3,928AED 4,296

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Dimensions L x H x W 30 × 100 × 11 cm



Hull Type

R/C Compatible


Option of Sails


This Vessel Type is Frigate


Sovereign of the Seas Model Ship kit

Details of Manufacturer

Mantua Model Group has been dedicated to producing period model boat kits since the war was over. They are the first corporation to invent and adopt the cutting ability of laser beams to produce very accurate and high quality products. The company is based in Italy and they are able to supply very high quality fittings and building materials for the model boat builder.

Our Sovereign of the Seas model ship is a replica of one of the Royal Navy’s most extravagant ships. Built at a huge outlay of £65,586 at the insistence of King Charles I, the ship was a first rate ship with beautiful carvings. Launched in 1637, the ship served for many years, participating in the Anglo Dutch wars and all the conflicts against the United Provinces and France. The ship was burnt down due to an accident in 1697.

Some Important Facts about Sovereign of the Seas

  • The ship was a first rate ship with three decks.
  • Sovereign of the Seas was funded through a special ship tax imposed on the public which resulted in lot of unrest. The ensuing financial trouble led to the English Civil war and the overthrowing of King Charles I in 1649.
  • The ship originally had an armament of 102 guns which was later reduced to 90 guns and then again increased to 100 guns.
  • The ship’s name was changed twice- first in the year 1650 to “Sovereign” and then to “Royal Sovereign” in 1660.
  • The massive carvings of the Sovereign of the Seas were reduced over the years.
  • Sovereign of the Seas was called the “Golden Devil” by the Dutch and a special reward was offered for anyone who destroyed this British ship.
  • The ship was rebuilt twice, first in 1660 and then in 1685.
  • Sovereign of the Seas was part of the battle at Orfordness in 1666, Solebay in 1672, Schoonyeld in 1673 and Texel in 1673.
  • The ship also participated in the War of the Grand alliance against France’s Louis XIV.
  • During her journey into the Irish Sea, the ship participated in the Battle of Beachy Head in 1690 and the Battle of La Houge and Battle of Barfleur at 1692.
  • The ship was finally laid off at Chatham during the reign of William III when its condition deteriorated significantly.
  • An accidental fire resulted in the destruction of this historic vessel.

The beautifully crafted historic ship was a symbol of British Royalty. Replicas and models of Sovereign of the Seas are available at Premier Ship Models, a leading manufacturer of model ships and yachts both historic and modern.

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