Sirius Wooden Boat Kit – Krick (K21460)

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K21460 - KRI

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This Vessel Type is Fishing boat


Sirius Wooden Boat Kit

About the Vessel

Sirius Boat Kit is the perfect pick for those enthralled by historic boats, vessels that have a place in history. The reason lies in the legacy of Sirius – it is credited as being the very first ship to cross the Atlantic Sea fully under-steam. The might vessel was originally built for service in the Irish Sea. Built by Robert Menzies & Sons in 1836, steamship Sirius was chartered by the British and American Steam Packet Company, London. As a side-wheeler, Sirius Steamer made its first marine expedition to New York from London in 1838 with a humble passenger load of 40. Just a few nautical miles before reaching its destination, Sirius ran out of fuel. This is where the story took an interesting twist – the brave captain refused to hoist the sail. Instead, he was adamant on completing the journey under steam. This was eventually accomplished by feeding sailing spars into the furnace!

History has it that the Sirius beat the bigger Great Western by a handful of hours on its voyage to New York. Apart from setting a record, the Sirius also led to a technical innovation, the recovery of fresh water in the boiler using a condenser. Sirius featured two paddlewheels driven by two-cylinder steam engines. Here, the steam was continuously routed towards the engine via boilers working at pressure of 5 psi. Sirius could nearly cover 3,000 nautical miles with a maximum of 450 tonnes of coal, maintaining an average velocity of 6.7 knots. In 1847, the historic vessel made its catastrophic voyage to Cork from Glasgow in conditions that threatened with dense fog. It drowned 12 passengers and some crew members…

About the Model Ship Kit

  • Use of durable materials such as premium hardwoods
  • Building instruction provided in English – easy-to-understand, stepwise guidance
  • All the essential parts needed to build the boat with perfect fitting assurance
  • A unique gifting option – thoughtful and relevant for friends or corporate gifting
  • Precision-finished model parts with special care on colour scheme

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Necessary Tools for DIY Ship Building Projects

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