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PSM049 - PSM


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Dimensions L x H x W 30 × 69 × 80 cm

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Handcrafted, scratch built and readymade scale Singalese ship model

The Singalese ship model has been fully handcrafted with great attention to detail, and is one of the many wooden ship models we have available here at Premier Ship Models. This particular model is now on display at the Hong Kong Maritime Museum.Built in Sri Lanka in the 1850s, their construction is very simple, allowing sailors to manoeuvre the vessel easily. The wooden ship is built with the trunk of a cocoa-nut tree hollowed out.

Along the upper edges, a row of planks is sewed on to raise them above the surface of the water and to prevent the ship from capsizing. With an additional log of very light wood secured to it in a parallel direction at the distance of about six feet.Mainly used for fishing, this model of a ship includes two masts with large square sails supported by extended ropes from the masts to the outrigger.

Painted and handcrafted by our own skilled artisans according to the original ship plans and drawings that we had do research as part of this exciting project for our first museum collection. This model of a ship has been constructed to include features of the original vessel.An elegant piece for any private collection, the Singalese sailing ship model comes with tremendous appeal.

This ship model is representative of the quality and expertise here at Model Ships. Using the highest quality of materials and precise ship modelling craftsmanship and maritime research, we bring you this flawless replica.

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