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Shu Ai Dhow Model Boat


Boats that used to sail on the Indian Ocean were known as “Dhows.” A Dhow is an ancient Arab vessel with triangular sails. These sails are known as lateens. The structures, these ocean faring vessels are built in, separate them from other boats. In Dubai, Dhows were utilized for the pearl making in the creek – stream of water.

Dhows are traditionally two-masted sailing boats that were utilized particularly in the Middle East areas. Mainly known as ancient Arab boats, dhows were utilized earlier for trading goods and fishing purposes. Usually, they weigh around three to five hundred tonnes and possess a hull design. Dhows are still being used in many countries around the globe, generally in the area between the Persian Gulf and East Africa.

Dhows are classified into various types but the most common Dhows are the Shu Ai and the Boum. The main feature of the Shu Ai is that it is the smallest of the Dhows that are ever built. This boat is utilized on a huge level for fishing works.

The Shu Ai Dhow has a high stern and low sweeps towards the bow. Dhow making is considered as an art and this art has been passed from one generation to another. The Shu Ai Dhow is usually constructed from premium quality wood that makes them solid enough to withstand various weather conditions. It is amusing to watch these vessels while fishing. The Shu Ai makes you aware of the tough life of people that they spend to earn their livelihoods.

Details of the model ship:

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  • Partially painted hull with the personalized option of antique brass wax hull
  • Expect boutique ship models rendered by a team of seasoned artisans
  • Personalized nameplate option available for this model if you don’t prefer a standard nameplate
  • Light colour painted deck
  • Handcrafted, scratch built and ready-made ship model
  • Use of durable, premium quality woods including the superior quality hardwoods
  • We create handmade exclusive models of the most recent ships, historical ships, ocean liners, tugboats, barges, and luxury yachts
  • Now shipping internationally

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