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Santisima Trinidad Model Ship

The Santisima Trinidad is a Spanish historical ship that was launched in 1769. She was a first-rate ship of the line with 112 guns but this number was later increased to 130 in 1795. The number of guns was then increased further to 140 in 1802. Due to the large number of guns, in her time she was the heaviest-armed ship in the world.

The Saintisima Trinidad took part in countless battles and wars; including the American War of Independence where she fought against the British alongside the French. The Spanish declared their support for the French in 1779 against the opposition of British rule in the New World. During this time she fought against British ships in the English Channel. In 1752 she formed part of the Mediterranean Squadron which staged a siege on Gibraltar.

Perhaps most famously she took part in the Battle of Trafalgar under the command of Francisco Javier Uriarte and Rear Admiral Baltasar Hidalgo de Cisneros. During this battle she was eventually captured by the British ship Neptune and the day after the battle she sank in a storm. In 2009 the shipwreck of Santisima Trindad was found. She is considered one of the greatest ships of this time period and the Spanish equivalent to the HMS Victory. There is a full scale replica of her located in Alicante, Spain.

This is an historical ship model of the Santisima Trinidad built by Premier Ship Models. It is part of our superior range and is a ready made model ship meaning it will arrive with you ready to put on display. Our Superior Range is the second tier of ready made models and the quality of the models in this range are considered to be very high. We use the finest materials and the models are built by master craftsmen with vast experience and skill. The models are considered to be very accurate replicas of the original ships, containing all the precise details and fittings. If you have any questions regarding our superior range of ready made models or this particular model then please feel free to contact us.

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