Paranza Fishing Model Boat Kit – Corel (SM45)

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SM45 - COR

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Dimensions L x H x W 30 × 70 × 15 cm


Hull Type

R/C Compatible



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This Vessel Type is Fishing boat


Paranza Fishing Model Boat Kit

This is a scale model reproduction of a typical Italian fishing boat, which would have been used to catch fish across the Adriatic Ocean. The Adriatic Ocean has been the place for many important and spectacular moments across history. It would have been the sea on which the Greece first ventured out and then later the ocean that the Romans crossed on their conquest of the world. For Italian fisherman, it has been the source of their income for hundreds of years.

This type of fishing vessel is similar to the Llaut Fishing Boat and has a single lateen sail decorated with red, yellow and blue stripes with a red star in a circle. The size of the real boat would have been between 3 and 4 metres, a small size hull with a large sail allows for maximum speed whilst the ship can still carry a decent size cargo.

The fishing industry has grown rapidly along with the development of nations across Europe. As European nations began to develop economically, their populations grew and thus there was a higher demand for fresh fish. Equally, the nations were increasing the number of trade agreements and routes they had across the world. A bigger quantity of exports and imports was good for the fishing industry.

The Paranza Fishing model ship kit is produced by Corel S.R.L, an Italian manufacturer of a variety of different model kits. The kit contains a fixtures and fittings necessary to complete an accurate replica of a typical Italian fishing boat. All parts are pre-cut using laser technology in order to achieve the best possible accuracy. Full instructions are provided in English. If you have any questions about this kit, please feel free to contact us. To view other model kits by Corel, please click here.

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