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PSM192 - PSM

Just like liquid cargo has very specific shipping requirements, enthusiasts of these vessels have a distinct taste. Crafting miniature oil tanker ship models requires exceptional craftsmanship and precision. We satisfy your fetish of oil tanker ships with our diligently sourced and brilliantly crafted models.

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Dimensions L x H x W 87 × 413 × 127 cm

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This Vessel Type is Tanker


What is an oil tanker ship called?

Oil tanker ships are popularly called tankships, tankers, or fuel tankers, and oilers. These nicknames are given by age-old cargo recipients at the docks and are varied in different regions of the world.


What are the different types of tanker ships?

Oil tanker model ships are classified based on two criteria:

Cargo They Carry

Oil tanker ships may carry refined oil products or crude oil.

Crude oilers carry raw oil produce, i.e. the oil straight from mines; while product tankers carry refined products, such as petroleum and gasoline.

Oil Tanker Carrying Capacity

Oil tanker ship models are classified based on their deadweight tonnage (DWT). This is the maximum capacity of oil they can carry in tons:

Medium Range: 25,000 DWT to 50,000DWT
Panamax: 50,000 DWT to 75,000 DWT
Aframax: 75,000 DWT to 120,000 DWT
Suezmax: 120,000 DWT to 180,000 DWT
VLCC (very large crude carriers): 200,000 DWT to 300,000 DWT
ULCC (very large crude carriers): 320,000 DWT or more

All ship tanker models with a deadweight tonnage above 500,000 are called supertankers.


How thick is the hull of a supertanker?

The hulls of supertankers vary with their capacity. For instance, the largest oil tanker – SA Oceania’s hull is 380 m long, and 68 m wide. It has a draught of around 24 m. Usually, supertankers have double hulls to prevent leakage and spills due to the massive quantity of oil they carry. SA Oceania has a capacity of 441,585 DWT.


How much do oil tanker sailors make?

Sailors of oil tankers or marine oilers earn based on their experience, expertise, rank, and skillset. They undergo extensive training and education to apply for marine jobs. The salaries may vary between $30,000 and $70,000 a year.


How much does an oil tanker ship cost?

Extravagant is all we can say. However, Premier Ship Models brings the marine experience to you with miniature oil tanker model ships ranging in scale from 1:200 to 1:50. You can choose from a variety of readymade tankers or get customized tanker model ships with outstanding quality and remarkable craftsmanship. Exceptionally polished exteriors give a royal finish and a lasting finesse to all our products. Our product offerings include buildable tanker model ship kits, for you to experience the joy of naval engineering.

Premier Ship Models has a vast collection of wooden and metallic oil tanker ship models. Furthermore, our customization facilities allow you to get a shiny nameplate on your chosen model. Our variety of cases allows you to display your collection and tease other enthusiasts with an immaculate show of your tanker ship model fleet.

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