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PSM211 - PSM

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About the Vessel

This popular oil tanker is one of the most famous vessels from the Endofa Company – a worldwide supplier of marine fuels and lubricants that has been serving the global shipping and offshore marketplace with impressive credentials. Endofa was established in 2013. The company has been a pioneer of sorts in the niche of marine fuel. Endofa ships have been operating in commercial waters, excelling as a service-provider in chartered sailing vessels. Endofa has an impressive fleet of oil tankers. Client domain of Endofa spans from East and West Africa, to the Persian Gulf, Red Sea, Central American nations, and the Gulf of Mexico besides the Caribbean nations and Singapore.

Endofa oil tanker has all the features associated with a modern, oil tanker. These vessels are finely engineered to provide logistic solutions for moving petroleum products like fuel oil, distillates, blending components, and other oils across shores. This tanker can be interpreted as a merchant ship, specifically created for bulk transport of crude oil.

Making the Model Ship

Construction of the proposed ship model is preceded by intensive research. We ensure that the model is created as perfect as possible. We do this by identifying resources that can provide us credible data. This includes accurate diagrams and verifiable building plans.

Once the structure of the model ship is finalized, our team of craftsmen proceeds by cutting premium hardwoods. Often fibre glass and fine metals are also a part of the process. This moves in-sync with assembling wood sections and frames where long flat pieces of wood are fixed to structure of the model to create the hull of the boat—often, also finished by hand-painting it. Constructing the hull gives way to the wooden frame being comprehensively sanded and if necessary. Body fillers might be used to remove any structural imperfections.

The deck is assembled, ensuring that the windows, door, hatches, winches and cleats are set-up with extreme precision. The ship model is then painted and finished. Each process is executed in sync with the customer’s customisation requirement or matched perfectly with the ship’s original layout – either ways, quality control processes ensure that at no stage, precision is swapped with the urgency to meet the deadline. We take extra care to ensure that your ship model is rendered with utmost accuracy!

Details of the model ship:Hand painted hull

  • Personalised nameplate option is available if you don’t prefer the standard nameplate
  • Every order processing includes keeping you updated about expected delivery period, incorporating the customization requests
  • Use of durable, high-quality hardwoods like maple wood and teak
  • Our customised models are as relevant for your living room as they are for the office or hotel lobbies, often used for corporate gifting purposes too

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