Norske Love Model Ship Kit – Billing Boats (B437)

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B437 - BIL

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Dimensions L x H x W 23 × 75 × 15 cm



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R/C Compatible


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This Vessel Type is Frigate


Norske Love Wooden Model Ship Kit

Billings Boats have produced this fine scale replica of the 1765 Norske Love, a Danish ship built in 1765 and named after the Danish Coat of Arms. Billings have a good reputation amongst model makers for producing highly detailed and minutely accurate scale replicas of a whole variety of different types of ships. They built their first model in 1958 and since then have continued to deliver model kits that have only ever received positive feedback from our customers here at Premier Ship Models.

The Norske Love ship had a total armoury of 70 iron cannons, 26 24-pounders on the lower deck, 26 18-pounders on the middle deck and 18 8-pounders on the upper deck. The ship capacity allowed for a crew of 667 and the huge number of guns was capable of inflicting great damage. Little is known of the Norske Love’s history, although we do know she was used as a guard ship in Danish waters. Later on, in 1796 she was used a homeless shelter following the fire in Copenhagen.

This model boat kit uses plank on frame construction. All parts are pre-cut using laser technology and made with plywood. Due to the complexity of this kit, we recommend that you have some previous experience in model making before attempting the build. The kit contains all parts necessary to finish building a detailed replica of the Norske Love, including rigging and all fixtures and fittings. Billings Boats have a huge selection of model kits to choose from, please click here to view their offering, where you will find different types of vessels suitable for different levels of experience. If you have any questions about this kit, please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help. If you would like to view our offering of tools, please click here. Worldwide delivery is available for this kit.

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