MV Corals Cargo Vessel

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PSM220 - PSM

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Dimensions L x H x W 49 × 164 × 67 cm

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This Vessel Type is Cargo ship


MV Corals Cargo custom model ship

This model was built by Premier Ship Models following a custom model order from a client based in Sri Lanka. The original ship is a 400 passenger cargo vessel built to manage the large quantity of traffic between the mainland and the UTL islands; as well as covering routes between the neighbouring islands, especially during peak season. In order to fulfil this purpose, an emphasis was placed on speed, comfort and flexibility. The ship was made to have a very low noise output in order to create maximum comfort for the passengers. The boat is very manoeuvrable allowing for easy access and quick journeys between islands.

The ship has a very low fuel consumption allowing for a maximum number of journeys to be completed at a very low cost. The design of the ship means that there is a good level of horizon visibility which makes navigating the ship easier. She has a total length of 97 metres, a total weight of 1,200 dwt, and a maximum speed of 15 knots.

This ship model was built using the original plans of the ship in order to create a model that was entirely accurate to the real vessel. It was built using the highest quality materials and was handcrafted by experienced model makers with the greatest attention to detail. You can browse our full range of custom model ships by clicking here.

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