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About the Vessel

Mayflower was the popular ship, known for transporting the first English Separatists also known as the Pilgrims. The historic ship gained significance in 1620, doing duty from Plymouth to the New World. Historians believe that there were 102 passengers and almost 30 crew members in the ship during this landmark journey—a piece of heritage that few sailing vessels have to share. Though the exact number of people aboard is still unknown, the ship stands tall in terms of maritime history. These passengers also include a group of people seeking religious freedom. They were travelling to Virginia Colony but on 21st November 1620, they were persuaded to land at the Cape Cod hook because the ship was damaged. These historic details are often a part of conversations among boat model collectors who have had the privilege of owning or witnessing the Mayflower ship model.

Mayflower continues to be a part of nautical history as this journey is counted among one of the most famous voyages in early American history. Sojourns of the Mayflower and its battle for survival in the scary winter of New England is still spoken about and documented. It is believed that almost half of the passengers died due to extreme cold—a grim fact but something that cannot be detached from the historical significance of the Mayflower. Historians believe the heritage ship hit land during March 1621.

Mayflower ship is counted as a classic English merchant ship belong to the early 17th century, a period when voyages to new, unexplored lands and exploring new trade routes was common. She was square-rigged and beak-bowed with high castle-like structures fore and aft that assisted in protecting the crew of the ship. The Mayflower weighed more than 180 tonnes. Her stern carried a 30-foot square aft-castle that caused trouble for the ship sailing against the wind and also made it difficult to sail properly against prevailing Westerlies that have challenged North Atlantic voyages.

Details of the model ship:

  • Expect museum-like quality
  • Often bought as a corporate gift
  • Wood varnish hull with option of painted hull
  • You can opt for partially painted hull too
  • Equally relevant for your collection or a hotel lobby
  • Fine detailing with antique wax and copper plates
  • Rolled-up sails along with personalisation option of rolled down sails
  • Customized nameplate is available if you don’t prefer the standard name plate
  • Great pick for collectors of historic ship models

Our team is an interesting mix of nautical designers and people with a lifetime of experience in maritime history. These scaled-down models are the result of their teamwork, ensuring that the focus remains on manual-intensive approach, refraining from the manufactured method.
Expect hardwoods of the highest quality. Colour schemes to be replicated to perfection. Essence of the original Mayflower ship is beautifully captured, its grandeur recreated perfectly. We work with you, to help you understand the unique customization process, ensuring you get a high-quality ship model. Please take the time to browse our growing collection of model boat kits and other historical ships.

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