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SB0060P - GN

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This Vessel Type is Luxury yacht


Mangusta 105 Model Yacht


Mangusta 105 is an elegantly crafted charter yacht made by the Italian yacht builder Overmarine. Courtesy to its family-oriented designing, this charter yacht is clearly the frontrunner in the vast range of maxi open yachts from the same brand.

The Mangusta 105 charter yacht features ultra-luxurious interiors, promising exceptional comfort and class to the occupants. The most useful feature of this luxury yacht is that it has an additional semi-deck with an extra-spacious living room area. So, one can easily accommodate those last minute charter guests during a yachting vacation. The lower deck seating area behind the helm offers a great place to relax or mingle with others. What makes the Overmarine Mangusta 105 one of the shipyard’s best sellers is its strategically located main saloon. When you need some personal time with your family or business clients, you will find the literally hidden saloon area as the best spot for it.

The performance-driven Mangusta 105 from Overmarine does not take much time to start cruising on 33 knots. Stylish as well as sophisticated, this yacht sports large and trendy windows. Dynamic profile of the 103-foot Mangusta 105 becomes more impressive with its 95-tonnes weight bearing capacity. The vessel features two ruthless 2,400-horsepower MTU V16 engines, which are capable enough to outperform any competition. The helm console comes equipped with various management and override systems built into the Rolls-Royce KaMeWa propulsion electronics. With double the usual number of screens, dials, gauges, and monitors, and the highly advanced control units, the yacht is nothing like an ordinary motor-yacht.

Details of the model yacht:

  • Hand-crafted from hard wood with planks on frame construction
  • The hull is hollow inside
  • Hull hand-painted in the original colour scheme of the real Mangusta 105
  • Brass chromed metal fittings, jet pipe, and rails
  • Comes with a base for stability
  • Model ships that comprehensively capture aura of the real-life models are usable as memoirs, gift items, and corporate gifts too
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