La Rose Schooner 1835 – Panart (749)

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749 - PAN

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Additional information

Dimensions L x H x W 10 × 40 × 64 cm



Hull Type

R/C Compatible


This Vessel Type is Schooner


La Rose Schooner 1835 Model Boat Kit


La Rose is typical French schooner of the 1800’s, similar to La Provencale and other vessels, the design of which was inspired by a Dutch herring drifter first built in the 15th Century. Shipbuilders across Europe experienced a high demand during the 1700 and 1800’s, due to many European countries establishing colonies across the world and building bigger trade routes.

Equally, with populous growing in counties such as France, there was a higher demand for resources across Europe. Therefore, ships like La Rose were highly valuable for ensuring the continuous development of European nations. The Dutch herring drifter first designed in the 1500’s was a perfect sailing vessel for fishing. The size of the ship meant it could hold a crew capacity of between eighteen and thirty men. Its large lateen sail and displacement weight of between 60 and 100 tons meant it could hold a great deal of cargo whilst still being highly manoeuvrable.  It is for these reasons that the Dutch herring drifter continued to inspire the design of European fishing vessels for over 300 years afterwards.

Details of the model ship kit

The La Rose Schooner model kit offered by Premier Ship Models contains all the pieces necessary to finish a perfectly accurate replica of the original French vessel. The kit has been manufactured by Mantua Models, a UK-based company. Mantua have a good reputation amongst model makers for using the latest technology and real ship plans to produce minutely detailed replica of a whole variety of different ships. If you would like to view other model kits by Mantua, please click here.

The model kit is plank on frame construction and is finished in scale 1:47 at a length of 67 cm when completed. Full instructions are included in English with step-by-step directions to build the kit. The model kit would be ideal for beginners. If you have any questions about this ship model kit, please feel free to contact us by clicking here.

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