Karaboudjan Tintin Ship Model – GN

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FB0062P - GN

This Vessel Type is Cargo ship


The Karaboudjan

The Karaboudjan is a merchant steamship, which was featured in The Crab with the Golden Claws (the ninth volume of the Adventures of Tintin) from 1941-1942. As part of the story, the ship was under the command of Captain Archibald Haddock and his chief mate, Allan Thompson. Tintin encounters this ship after having a piece of crab paper with the word Karaboudjan scrawled on it. It is a clue to investigate the murder of a sailor. After being kidnapped and captured by the crew of the Karaboudjan, Tintin learns that the ship’s cargo contains opium. The ship was involved in a drug smuggling operation that Herbert Dawes, a former member of the ship’s crew, tried to stop before he was killed by Bunji Kuraki.


The Karaboudjan Model Ship

In order to make our models, extensive research is carried out to gather as much information as possible on the ship. The ship is then outlined and cut to scale. The hull is made of two layers of wood, which make up the main frame of the boat. The deck is placed on a board and the first edge of the hull is made, sanded, and smoothed. The second layer of teak, mahogany or wood is placed on top depending on the desired finish. Our craftsmen work diligently to ensure that the model is recreated as accurately as possible, whether to achieve a natural wood finish or an aged and patinated finish. metals parts and ornaments are hand-carved, hand painted, and integrated into the model.


Our Manufacturer

Our manufacturers are committed to producing quality ship models, hence each stage of the construction process is carefully monitored and controlled. The team is made up of master craftsmen who work diligently using the traditional skills of plank-on-frame construction. These skills have been developed over many years to create detailed and accurate models of various vessels.

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