Jetwave Asari Utility Vessel

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PSM302 - PSM

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The Jetwave Asari model is constructed by our expert model makers out of high quality wood and with detailing made to reflect the real vessel. The vessel is painted in the typical Jetwave Blue and White.

Jetwave Marine Vessels offer specialized offshore utility vehicles and marine services to the Australian oil, gas and resource industries since its formation in 2010. The company holds its Headquarters in Exmouth and employs between 50 and 200 employees. They have become established in Australian Waters with a strong reputation as an operator. They provide versatile craft for a wide range of uses based on the commercial needs of Australian companies who employ them for their ships.

The Asari is a Crew vessel used in a wide range of tasks as a powerful craft achieving 8T of bollard pull. She holds 9m3 of fuel and travels at a speed of 26 knots at 300l per hour. She has a good amount of space on the vessel and is advised to fit 24 Day passengers. The Asari can be hired for individual use or as part of a full component of marine logistic vehicles for use in quayside operations in ports within their operational radius.

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