James Caird Lifeboat (HMS Endurance)

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James Caird Lifeboat Model

Premier Ship Models offers you the joy of owning models of victorious and renowned boats, ships and yachts. Historical, classical and contemporary, all kinds of models are listed in our catalog for sale in the UK.Our models are available in small, medium and large and are divided into four classes, standard, superior, premier and custom. Our custom range includes a model of the James Caird Lifeboat made at first at the request of a fan of Sir Ernest Shakleton’s expeditions. Let us read through to know more about the voyage of the James Caird Lifeboat.

James Caird Lifeboat: Voyage

History witnesses the James Caird’s voyage as one of the most iconic small-boat sails ever undertaken. The voyage was an open boat sail from Elephant Island located at South Shetland Islands to South Georgia, located in the southern Atlantic Ocean. The voyage covered a distance of 800 nautical miles.

The voyage was undertaken by Sir Ernest Shackleton and his five comrades.The main motive of the James Caird’s voyage was to rescue and provide relief to the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition. The expedition was carried out during 1914-1917. However, a major part of the crew was stuck on the Elephant Island subsequent to the loss of the Endurance ship.

Among the three lifeboats used for the mission, the James Caird was considered to be the strongest and most durable to survive the voyage. The boat was named after James Key Caird, philanthropist and jute manufacturer, who provided funds to finance Shackleton’s expedition.

At Premier Ship Models, we offer you the scaled down version of James Caird Lifeboat. Besides this model we have other varied replications of over 500 models in our catalog. Our models are designed and crafted by a team of proficient craftsmen. We offer internationally competitive prices, without compromising on the quality and service.

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