Holton 32

Reference Number:

PSM364 - PSM

This Vessel Type is Fishing boat


This ready for display model is built by our Premier Ship Models Workshop in Mauritius by our dedicated model makers. The Holton 32 Model Ship is built predominantly from wood and painted to resemble the real ships of this series. She is a Static Display Model and can be customized with small detailing at request.

The Holton 32 series of Fishing Boats can be seen to this day in active service with private and professional fishermen across the UK although they saw their most active service prior to the 1980s. The Holton 32 Fishing Vessels are no longer being produced by Holton who mostly service Super Yachts and provide repairs and retrofitted systems at this time. The Holton 32 Fishing Vessels fell out of favour with professional ‘old school’ fishermen in response to the 10m rule for fishing vessels, whereby boatbuilders began to convert fishing vessels above 10m by cutting off their noses. The larger deck space allowed fishers larger hauls on their voyages and so these styled vessels proved to be less profitable.

They retain a great amount of love from the fishing community and although the Holton Company no longer produces them, the boats are still available to buy for use on the seas. Currently there is an individual who holds the molds for the hull of the craft who is able to produce them in limited runs. To this day the Holton 32 is a distinctive member of the late 20th century fishing vessels and similar vessels can be seen in many ports and harbours across the UK and beyond.

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