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Handcrafted, scratch built and ready made HMS Warrior Model Ship in our Premier Range

In response to the French Navy ordering six iron-hulled ships, the First Sea Lord, Sir John Pakington, developed plans for what would be the most powerful and heavily armoured ship afloat. On the basis of the heaviest guns alone, Warrior was classified as a 40-gun ship. HMS Warrior great innovation was in being the first ocean going warship to have an iron hull. As a result, she was also the largest warship of her day. Perhaps more distinctive was Warrior grateful 6.5:1 length to breadth ratio.

HMS Warrior was not included as a line of battleship. Rather her superior speed enabled her to outdistance and out manoeuvre any steam battleship that she might encounter. Although designed to fight under steam, she was also rigged as a three-masted ship. Captain A. A. Cochrane commissioned HMS Warrior as part of the Channel fleet on August 1, 1962, and her active-duty service was confined as such to the Channel fleet, in order to face the French threat at Cherbourg. During her first commission, she sailed as far as Lisbon and Gibraltar, and made a tour of Britain.

HMS Warrior then underwent a number of refits between 1864 and 1875. One of her most remarkable accomplishment was in 1869, when she was assigned to tow the HMS Bermuda to the Royal Navy Base in Bermuda. In 1984, she was renamed Vernon II, but later regained her rightful name in 1923. In 1942, she was again renamed Oil Hulk C77.

Interest in preserving and restoring the Warrior began in the 1960s, but the Navy held on to the ship until 1978. In 1997, she was placed under the aegis of the Maritime Trust (and later the Warrior Preservation Trust). Initial financing for the Trust came from John Smiths Manifold Trust, and the Manpower Services Commission provided the resources. In 1987, HMS Warrior 1860, as she is officially known, was towed to Portsmouth and put on permanent public display at the Naval Base.

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