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HMS Snake Model Ship Kit


During the 1700’s, the British Empire under King George III faced an extreme level of conflict. During the period of roughly 50 years, they encountered the American Revolutionary war, the Seven Years War and the Napoleonic Conquests. This led to a huge financial strain on the British Empire and a demand for a whole variety of different vessels essential for supporting the Royal Navy.

At the same time as facing an increased level of conflict, the British Empire was rapidly growing, with new trade routes appearing and large quantities of supplies in need of transporting. The huge number of both exports and imports going through the British Empire created many wealthy men and women in society, who were in need of luxurious ships for the purposes of travelling on business.

The HMS Snake is one such ship, which was intended for business purposes and therefore had a sleek finish. The design of vessels like HMS Snake made them very fast on open waters and difficult to catch. Their armoury included nine carronades on each side. Carronades were guns that were most effective when used in close range. This meant that if the HMS Snake ever found itself surrounded by enemies who were ready to board and plunder the decks, it could cause vast damage and escape easily.

Details of the kit

Finished at scale 1:64, this model boat kit measures at 91 cm in length, 35 cm in width and 61 cm in height when completed. The kit is produced by Caldercraft, who are reputable amongst model makers for their high quality finish and accuracy between model and original ship. All parts are pre cut, making this kit ideal for a novice or beginner.

The model kit includes all fixtures and fittings, such as the nine carronades on either side, necessary to complete a scale replica of the HMS Snake. Full instructions are included in easy-to-follow English. If you have any questions about this kit, please feel free to contact us. If you would like to view other kits by this manufacturer, please click here. If you would like to view our offering of tool kits, please click here.

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